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Black Sea Bass

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Wandering around the Gulf Coast, in various seafood dining establishments, Beauvoir, on the wall at the Bass Pro Store in Pearl, and other destinations, you will see a replica of a 1906 photograph of Captain John T MacDonald, taken in Go Christian. It exhibits MacDonald, a renowned regional angler, standing proudly future to a fish, pole in hand. The fish is a big, taller than the fisherman by at the very least two feet and additional than two times as significant all over. The monster creature is 440 lbs, measures 8 feet, 1.5 inches very long and has a five-foot 10-inch girth. It is a Black Sea Bass, and there are nevertheless some out there in the Gulf with your identify on it. Just slightly smaller…

About the Black Sea Bass

Recognized by its scientific title Centropristis striata, the black sea bass is a sort of Grouper (Serranidae) identified in inshore coastal waters (bays and seems) and offshore in waters out to 400 ft deep. They spawn in the initially element of the year (Jan-April) and through this time, they move closer inland. As a juvenile fish, they are a dusky brown with a lighter tummy, with this brown turning to black once they experienced. They tremendously resemble a big freshwater bass (to which they are unrelated), and their dorsal fin has white places and bands. These sea bass are delectable, owning a pure white meat.

Existing Black sea bass, also named Rock Bass, are documented to develop to a utmost of 24-25 inches in length and are living 15-20 years. Usual measurement for an adult fish is 5-10 kilos. The latest MDMR identified all deal with record is a 14-ounce fish (they are not registered frequently, and are once in a while mistaken for striped bass that are much more popular). There is at the moment not a condition fly report for this species. The IGFA All-Tackle Environment History Black Sea Bass is 10 lbs 4 oz. specimen caught off Virginia in 2000. This provides us back to 1906 and the Goliath…

… MacDonald Fish

Perhaps the most famed of these fish at any time captured in Mississippi waters was that amazing outsized beast of MacDonald’s. The famous photograph, taken in 1906 Pass Christian, displays Mississippi Captain John T. MacDonald standing along with the Black Sea bass he caught in the Gulf of Mexico, with a rod and reel. It was caught at Tarpon Gap, a spot however acknowledged nowadays by locals as primary offshore fishing territory. MacDonald’s story produced it into a Ripley’s Think It Or Not report and circled the globe, showing up in newspapers from Singapore to Seattle. While Capt. McDonald’s fish looks far more like a Giant Black Sea Bass (which do not reside in the Gulf) or perhaps a blended up grouper (which is more plausible), his file was nonetheless extraordinary.

Captain McDonald operated the 42-foot fishing schooner “Queen of the Fleet,” and later went on to develop into elected mayor of the Move no less than 3 situations. The authentic photograph of Capt. John and his fish is now residence of the Mississippi Division of Archives and Heritage. The Queen of the Fleet was sunk in 1923, elevated and later applied to practice Merchant Maritime cadets in WWII and now resides as the museum ship Governor Stone in Ft Walton Florida.

Fishing for Black sea bass now

Even though hugely regulated in Atlantic and Florida waters, Mississippi DMR is additional lenient in the waters of the Magnolia point out when it arrives to sea bass. Latest regs do not point out any restrictions on sea bass in condition waters.

These grouper troopers expend most of their time hovering in excess of the bottom and like to amazing their heels close to bottom structure such as bridge pilings, design rap, gentleman-manufactured reefs, wrecks, jetties, and piers. As this kind of, these lousy boys really like the bottom-feeder’s food plan of shrimp, crab, and tiny minnows. A superior idea for artificial baits is to use a more compact jig head rigged with 10-20 pound exam and troll flippantly around the base in waters beneath 40 feet deep. As the Mississippi Audio rarely gives deeper, this functions close to shore.

These stout mini-groupers are bantamweight fighters that give a superior battle, especially on light deal with. Even though not super frequent in the Seem, they are out there and guarantee a combat all out of proportion to their measurement.

No ponder Capt. MacDonald is not smiling in his famous picture, he is possibly drained.

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